CD Review: Zebrahead – ‘Get Nice’

By July 26, 2011 September 11th, 2016 CD

Nearly fifteen years on, the Californian pop-punk band Zebrahead is still producing albums with the latest, ‘Get Nice’ being released this summer; filled with the fun unique sounds that make Zebrahead, well erm… Zebrahead.  Opening up the album is, ‘Blackout’. A track that begins in a quiet, subdued manner but slowly builds with influences like The Offspring clear throughout. A mixture of punk vocals can be heard with catchy rap lyrics thrown in for you to sing your heart out to.


One track which stands out for us though, is ‘Nudist Priest’, a song that, for starters has a hilarious title. The tune itself will not let you down, following the brilliant name with catchy lyrics. This showcases the act’s famous “funky-fast” sound, combining melodic vocals with hip-hoppy elements and insane guitar riffs.

The album finishes off with ‘Demon Days’, and while this one may have some darker lyrics – “time is running out on you” for example, as a song was made for a fist-pumping crowd and definitely is the anthemic number. Overall, this is an album that may not be hailed as their best ever, but if you’re a fan, it will surely hit the spot.


For more information visit the official Zebrahead website.