CD Review: Uberbyte – ‘NFY’

By October 3, 2011 October 24th, 2015 CD

It’s been just over a year since Uberbyte put their creative efforts into the band’s third album ‘EXS’ and since then, Sheffield’s finest TBM (techno body music…innit) group have been very busy.


Gigging with the likes of Combichrist and Faderhead, as well as an impressive set at the Resistanz festival have meant their fourth release ‘NFY’ was bound to be a success. With the band’s driving force now over the tantrum that was ‘EXS’, ‘NFY’ is now back on form, with tracks which have become live favourites in recent years.


The album starts with the rather standard ‘Hell Alamein’ that wouldn’t stand too far out in the crowd, but with other epic tunes as ‘Hardcore Industrial’, ‘Gott Mit Oontz’ and the song that will probably become synonymous with the band, ‘Money Shot’, they can afford a few fillers just to bulk the release out.


‘M0wr F0cking C0wbell’ has all the hallmarks of ‘Dissect’ and ‘Lets’ Put The Fun (In Fundamentalist)’, where other tracks like ‘(F**k Me) Like You Don’t’ are more for fans of Charleenes’ twisted vocals. With echos of hardcore, gabba and 90s rave in evidence on tracks such as ‘Evil Trance’ and ‘Hardcore Industrial’, ‘NFY’ shows that Uberbyte still have the potential to still keep the fans happy and jumping.


It is now clear with four albums and a clutch of EPs under their belt, the band have what it takes to become a cyber household name. With word that a tour is on the way, it’s a certainty that the only way is up for them.




More information on Uberbyte can be found on their website.