Diagram Of The Heart [Notting Hill Arts Club, London] April 22, 2010

By April 27, 2010 September 10th, 2016 CD

More than incredible” are the words that Fearne Cotton uses to describe Diagram Of The Heart’s performance tonight at Yo Yo in Notting Hill Arts Club. This intimate, urban venue is perfect for the intense energy that the band creates to feed the crowd.


DOTH lure the audience in with their euphoric elements of vintage pop and new fresh electronic sounds that seep through. Kye Sones and Anthony Gorry are the two men who front the band and have written tracks for the forthcoming debut album ‘Dead Famous’. The unveiling of the new record will be through Deconstruction Records on May 24. The album’s title-track is performed at the mid-point of the set and it takes the already soaring atmosphere to a whole new level which has onlookers in rapture. This standout tune merges modern pop and dance perfectly – it begins with the beautiful and mellow sounds of a piano and also sees delicate strings coming through. Before long though, things get much heavier with some pulsing, heavy electronic synths geared toward sending the crowd into a further frenzy of chanting and moshing.

The infectious and irresistible hooks that worm their way through each of the following tracks help the blistering tone and pace of the night and make sure that everyone pays complete attention. Listen up, this band are set for big things, and we believe that ‘Dead Famous’ could well be the soundtrack to your summer.

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