CD Reviews: Autoclav 1.1 and Reism

By September 6, 2008 September 26th, 2013 CD

Here are a couple of disks which we have been lucky enough to review recently…

Reism - No copyright clearance

Artist: REISM

Disk: ‘Reazem ‘


Throughout this disk the Liverpool based group produced spiteful and melodic Industrial rock music which is achieved on opener ‘This Is All For You’ through raging guitars and blitz speed drumming alongside Nightwish style vocals. Second effort ‘Make Me Feel’ is a raw and emotional anthem for those who have loved and lost. Many alternatives will be able to identify with the thought provoking lyrics and will in-turn be captivated by the choruses which allow the listener to become truly engrossed within the fresh sound.


The last track ‘Skin In Deep’ sees the group taking a softer approach showing that they can diversify and this has surely helped them in the past because they have built such a strong fan base. It is obvious with this that the group will benefit from further experiences and another disk will no doubt see them stepping it up a gear in terms of polishing the production. Resim are a great live act and this is a promising demo which will undoubtedly leave you intrigued and wanting more. 


For fans of: Lacuna Coil, Kidneytheives


Autoclav 1.1 - No copyright Clearance

Artist: Autoclav 1.1

Disk: ‘Love No Longer Lives Here’



Tony Young is a man with big ideas, originally from Huddersfield. On this, the opening tracks ‘Casually Losing Selected Memories’ and ‘All For You’ are heartfelt instrumental ballads which demonstrate Young’s prowess and ability to dabble within a variety of genres.


‘The Essential Condition’ again takes a melodic turn, bleeding orchestral elements together with dark electronica. Similarly, ‘All Along Black Spirals’ represents a change of pace and is a well structured industrial rock-out. The varied tone carries through on ‘We Shatter Sometimes’ which incorporates drum and bass elements alongside slick guitars and soft piano workings.


Young slows the pace again for the tracks ‘Tiny Matters’ and ‘It’s Indifference’ both are smooth and atmospheric chillout tracks with notes that are designed to soften the hardest blows to life. ‘Hell Is The Face Of Love’ presents the darker side of existence and with the schizophrenic beats and symphonic style a variety of different emotions will be conjured up for each listener. ‘This Stranger Hope’ offers a strong lead into the ethereal ‘Trails Without Pathways’ which is a nod to Young’s influences and finally the epic ‘Six Minutes To Live’ sees the author open up and express himself without words and in turn produce a fitting end and perhaps the perfect soundtrack to the modern creative mind.


While some tracks can be overly lengthy, all this work sufficiently showcases quality ideas and puts them across in a way that invites not only fans of electronic music and repetitive Industrial beats but also those with an affinity for cult bands like Portishead and The Sneaker Pimps. Also, a notable guest spot on ‘Hell Is The Face Of…’ involves some rather different work from Dave Pybus of Cradle of Filth. All in all, This is a surprisingly accessible offering which refuses to be pigeonholed.


For fans of: Intelligent Dance Music, Portishead, latest NIN.



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