Her Name Is Calla – ‘The Quiet Lamb’

By February 24, 2011 September 27th, 2013 CD

At nearly 80-minutes long ‘The Quiet Lamb’ rivals many films in length, please do try and find the time, even if it’s just once. This is not a CD for background noise! Turn off the telly, put away that new film, put this on, sit back and just listen. The tracks are written in such a way you feel as though they are telling a story, full of unexpected twists and turns, tempos and instruments hitting your ears from every angle…


This band don’t do things by halves with tracks ranging from around two minutes to an epic 17. The band is five main members and none of them do just one thing; ranging from vocals to violins, bass to banjo and many more. They are sometimes joined by another three members who bring in some trumpet, cello and even a bit of French horn – part of the joy listening to this, is trying to hear all of the different sounds, guessing what instrument is been used. See if you can get them all, or just a few? Answers on a postcard, or in the comment box below!

The first chapter (sorry… song) of this is ‘Moss Giant’, and it introduces the listener to the band’s array of instruments and hauntingly melodic vocals; even more so how intense this group can be without saying anything at all. This track really does show off the beautiful sound of a piano – you might feel yourself playing well tapping along to the notes? It’s a very relaxing trance-like start, and it prepares, at least in part for what is yet to come, this band is known for making quiet harmonies and doing them with such precision.

Further into the album you’ll hit what we deem is the main event, the marathon, ‘Condor And River.’ At 17 minutes long, you’ll need aural dedication and patience to listen intently for the full thing. Her Name is Calla really put everything they have into this dark, mystifying track. It’s filled to the brim with emotion and passion, and it really does make this album (and band) stand out from the current prog-rock dirge. It builds up and down, goes loud and quiet, twists and turns, keeping you, dear reader on the tips of your toes throughout. How? Simply, because you don’t know what sonic elements they are going to hit you with next. As emphasised, this track really is the ideal example of what this band can do joining together every instrument in such a powerful dynamic way. Now, you! Pay attention and let this band tell you a story in 2011.


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