CD Review: Karn8 – ‘Where The Fires Play’ (single)

By November 24, 2008 September 10th, 2016 CD

Wow! A wholly organic but still not quite wholesome Karn8 have returned!


The London based three-piece have had it tough over the last couple of years but my, they have come far. Yes! They do still maintain the sexy sleazy undertones that made them so appealing in the first place on their darker material. Firing off with some dirty guitars and blues infected vocals, spliced neatly with hard rock drums, Karn8 have seamlessly managed to create a sound on their new single ‘Where The Fires Play’ that not only will allow them to keep their claws firmly hooked into their Goth fanbase but that will no doubt also see them grabbing at admirers of everything from The Kings Of Leon to The Distillers.  

For Fans Of: The Kings Of Leon, QueenAdreena, Yeah Yeah Yeahs