Mesh [Islington Academy, London] November 28, 2009

By November 30, 2009 January 12th, 2017 CD

Electro duo Mesh were on tour supporting their long awaited new album ‘A Perfect Solution‘ and had only two dates in the UK, with the rest in Europe. Their gig at the Islington O2 drew a good crowd and, flanked by four television screens, they opened with the first track on the current album ‘If We Stay Here‘…


For this, the crowd were dancing immediately and it was interesting to see the mix of people in attendance from traditional Goths to leather-clad metallers and a few out-of-place looking townies. Mesh followed with many more tracks from the album including ‘How Long‘ and ‘Who Says’ all the while surrounded by digital images of corridors, high rise buildings and shadows. One song, however, had a video tape of the band doing “dad-dancing” – it wasn’t completely clear whether it was meant to be ironic or not. ‘It Scares Me‘ was a welcome song from their back catalogue though and one that had the entire crowd chanting along and filling in when frontman Mark Hockings left off – a definite fan-favourite. An electric performance from one heart-pumping song to the next and one of the best gigs of 2009.


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