CD Review: ReVerbed – ‘Lies You Can Believe’

By Evangeline Spachis
By May 24, 2011 October 28th, 2012 CD

Fifteen years ago, Irish band Ash were still awaiting their A-Level results when they bagged they first slot on Top Of The Pops, and it seems the trend of emerging bright young things continues with the South Yorkshire-based band, ReVerbed. Their first full-length offering ‘Lies You Can Believe’ demonstrates they keen knack for a variety of rock sub-genres and a superb musicality.


Comprising of two girls and two guys, ReVerbed’s music benefits from a unique mix of vocals from lead singers and guitarists George and Zoe. Their ability to come together harmoniously is showcased in the opening track ‘What Went Wrong’ – a five-minute belter that includes everything from atmospheric piano to crunching guitars.

The single, ‘Obsession’ is reminiscent of the Pixies and their trademark off-kilter guitar riffs that “reVerberate” throughout the song. On the third track ‘Run’ the guitar’s sound can’t help but remind the listener of Nirvana’s ‘Lounge Act’, perhaps a clue to band’s influences in making this album. Track six, ‘Not Alone’ is a revised and re-mixed song from their 2009 mini-album ‘Playtime’, but fits nicely in with the rest of the record here, and does not feel out of place. Appearing just over halfway through, ‘Shadow’ and ‘Through the Rain’ are stand out tracks on the ‘Lies You Can Believe’. ‘Shadow’ could easily be included in any of Feeder’s early albums, and ‘Through the Rain’ is a lyrically melancholic and dark song that allows Zoe to reveal her singing talent whilst being intercut with stadium-worthy guitar solos that soar.


The rest of the album returns to the punk rock tunes that will no doubt send their dedicated and loyal fans crazy during their reportedly impressive live shows. Shows which granted them overwhelming interest and dealings with the Sheffield indie label, Native Records. One thing that isn’t immediately clear whilst listening to ReVerbed’s first full-length album is just how young the group members are. The music’s maturity is apparent from their latest effort and is a positive indication of the strength of talent that continues to flourish in Yorkshire’s dedicated musical youth. ReVerbed have produced an impressive collection of tunes that show progression and a flair for great hooks and catchy riffs even at such an earlier stage in their career. If this is what they can do now, we can only imagine that things will surely get better for this Doncaster foursome in the very near future.



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