Santa Hates You – Rocket Heart’

By December 11, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

Santa Hates You’s new single ‘Rocket Heart’ is a close to perfect musical hybrid that will appeal to fans of hardcore Industrial-dance and yes, even electro-rock. While there are no guitars or acoustic instruments audible, this one hits hard and fast and certainly rivals Combichrist’s new-found crossover appeal.


It sounds like a faster, heavier and more dangerous version of The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ to start and using that infectious style throughout it continues to strike without remorse using blistering synths pounding electronic beats and affecting straight to the point lyrics. “What you waiting for, you know you are the core? / Ignite your rocket heart” – it’s deliciously dirty, dark and decadent – yum. The rest of the EP follows along the same chord with five nice remixes of the title track (the Soman one stands out nicely) and a couple of fresh tracks.

The Bonus 1.0’ starts with some repetitive synths and breaks into an addictive EBM-styled dance-off that carries with it an originality that can only come from the work of Peter Spilles and his musical partner Jinxy when they come together to create this kind of bleep-fuelled, sample-driven musical madness.

The final track on the EP is titled, ‘Deutschmaschine’ and it is as unrelenting and powerful as admirers might expect. Incorporating funky beats, cascading synth-lines and furious German vocals it becomes the perfect sing-a-long for home fans and the ideal club dancefloor filler for DJs the world over.

On the whole, this EP displays the more progressive direction of SHY in contrast to that of Project Pitchfork – there’s much more experimentation on offer here and it’s our opinion that this material is equally if not more accessible than anything Spilles or this side-project has done before.


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