The Defiled – ‘Grave Times’

By February 16, 2011 October 17th, 2013 CD

Looking like post-apocalyptic monochrome metallers, The Defiled present themselves as pure heaviness, with an edge – ghoulish characters who take their inspiration from Victorian murder and body-snatching. The quintet’s first EP back in November 2009, ‘1888’, is so called after the year infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper began his disembowelling spree and debut album ‘Grave Times’ follows a similarly macabre suit…


Having already appeared at Sonisphere in 2009 and ’10 the band recently completed a tour with Murderdolls and garnered positive and hopeful reviews from the music press, expectant of great things. Their first full length release must have felt the pressure with some calling the group “saviours of metal” – whether this moniker is deserved, ‘Grave Times’ does not decide…

Opening with ‘In Your Name’, a track filled with thundering metal backed by creeping piano and synths, the song is an amazing introduction to what The Defiled are all about. The industrial tinges and haunting electronica interspersed throughout make for a promising start. ‘The Ill Disposed’ is much the same but with more energy and drive, a double-kick drum beatdown and an aggressive finish. ‘The Resurrectionists’, taken from the first EP, is more mosh-pit friendly – faster, heavier but still melodic whereas ‘Locked In Freedom’ begins with samples and an industrial beat that resurfaces periodically, morphing into guitars and more double-kick drum. Vocals switch easily from growls and screams to harmonies with audible lyrics.

Half-way through the album our interest is still held but we can’t help thinking of another band – Bullet For My Valentine. Yes, we know the comparison has been made before – despite the electro additions and industrial backing, The Defiled have a very similar sound to the successful Welsh metallers. The formula is less obvious and the darker slant on their material makes them more interesting, but some tracks, ‘Black Death’ especially, has a very familiar BFMV sound.

We suspect (after seeing them countless times) their live performances are what the fans really appreciate as ‘Grave Times’, while promising and filled with hooky danceable tracks, isn’t as “refreshing” a sound as we might’ve hoped. If The Defiled really let themselves go with their next release and played more dangerously with their more progressive American Head Charge-influenced side then they could easily kick BFMV, and other soundalikes, right off the scene’s overcrowded curb.

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