What The Cat Dragged In – ‘The Abstract Nouns In My Concrete Metaphor’

By February 9, 2011 September 10th, 2016 CD

‘The Abstract Nouns in My Concrete Metaphor’ is the rather literary title of the new EP by York “unisex” outfit What The Cat Dragged In – they are far from untidy and unwanted with this latest offering…


Not to be confused with the debut album of the shamelessly shambolic glam rock band, Poison, WTCDI fire up this four-track collection with a ballsy opener ‘She’s Just a Line (In a Song)’. ‘She’s Just a Line…’ kick-starts with a guitar and drums reminiscent of underground punk rock outfit Gang of Four and perhaps even the Sex Pistols if they ever recruited a singer who sang like Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries or Evanescence’s Amy Lee. Emily Rowan, the singer in question, does admirably, though her singing talents along with bassist Alice Rowan, are showcased better in the more subdued songs that complete the rest of this EP However, by no means does this compilation tail off in intensity towards the E.P.’s end.

In just four tracks, WTCDI prove that they have many strings to their bow, and are capable of producing songs that not only sound musically intricate and interesting, but increasingly addictive also. A song like ‘Clive’ is hauntingly beautiful. It’s quiet, but instantly demands the listener’s consideration with lyrics like “Let’s play a game / You can be me and I’ll be your reflection / behind my crooked smile I’m desperate for attention.” The song reaches a musical climax that demonstrates the band’s instrumental talents even further. ‘Derive’ has to have one of the most striking piano and guitar-led introductions that could rival even the acclaimed Swedish duo Kings Of Convenience’s best efforts and progresses further into a song of hushed excellence. The closing track ‘Jealousy’ is a relative return to the pace of the EP’s opener, and is once again a track that crescendos in its strength, both vocally and musically.

The band’s enigmatic bio, adorned across most of their band pages describes how “God creates Man. Man creates Emily. Promoter books Emily. Emily creates What The Cat Dragged In. What The Cat Dragged In creates music in its own image.” Are WTCDI truly descended from God? The music speaks for itself, and you won’t have heard anything more divine from an unsigned band in a long time…

What The Cat Dragged In play Stereo on Gillygate in York on February 16, The Basement at City Screen in York on March 16 and Temple Hall at York St. John University on March 31. Not to be missed.


For more information visit the official website.