EP Review: Colleagues – ‘Colleagues’

By Emily Puckering
By April 14, 2015 EP, Reviews

For those looking for something to re-ignite the fuse in their rather bleak and same-old music taste, their never-ending search might just be over. Swedish alternates Colleagues are due to release their debut EP, which is rumoured to be named ‘Visits’, in spring 2015. Combining techno with a progressive soft-rock/pop, Colleagues bring us a short but sweet taster, with their EP consisting of four eccentrically wonderful tracks.

Colleagues EP


‘Talk it Out’ effortlessly opens the EP, using a steady beat throughout alongside the use of keyboard effects to enhance that techno vibe that Colleagues are relying on for the majority of their production. The track is relaxed, it doesn’t sound like the band are trying too hard despite it overall being a strong and effective number. The electronic keyboard combined with soothing vocals create an almost ‘happy-go-lucky’ vibe, perfect for the upcoming spring season and something to float anyone’s boat; expanding the following of Colleagues.

Track number two is ‘Somewhere’, giving us a peak into the perhaps more sci-fi future of music. The electro opening complements the vocals that are followed by a robotic-style ‘echo’, giving us something completely different to listen to compared to this past year’s general music style. The futuristic and sci-fi elements of this track are not for everyone and could be hard for some to enjoy as not everyone likes change. For those who do, however, Colleagues have ticked every box for that perfect quirky and unusual track that some just can’t get enough of.

‘Align’ brings forward a slightly rockier vibe, whilst managing to not step over the ‘heavy rock’ line in similarity to the other tracks. Despite its subdued pace, the quietly agile drum fills add a spark of energy which prevents this number from gradually lowering down to become boring and lifeless; keyboard riffs contributing also. Keys are a dominant element in this track, creating a dynamic and interesting sound whilst managing to not scare of listeners with over-done and intense sounds. Synchronised vocals give the track a peaceful atmosphere along-side the faster drum beat; providing the best of both worlds.

Closing the EP is ‘Visits’, greeting our ears with a strong bass riff which is joint by gentle vocals. This number adopts a vintage style, with the drum beat simply being replaced with the clap of a tambourine and the steady strumming of an acoustic guitar which subtly backs up the track throughout. The guitar builds up towards the close of the track, giving our ears a quiet but powerful surge of energy until coming to a peaceful standstill; wrapping up the Colleagues’ peculiar EP perfectly.


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