EP Review: Cyb3rnator – ‘TinyMini’

By Molly Newhouse
By January 6, 2014 EP, Reviews

Yorkshire band Cyb3rnator have released their second EP, ‘TinyMini’. The 3-track EP consists of three hard-hitting dance tracks that give us a tempting taste of the new album they are said to be currently writing: ‘HauntedHouse’, ‘LineOfFire’ and ‘DirtyNauseousFilthyCautious’.


The EP wraps up all of the parts we expect from Cyb3ernator. That intelligent mix of 8-bit dubstep, electro, house and dance all tied up with some moving vocals. And yet it brings it own magic to the table too, it feels more alive and playful than their previous EP, ‘Line Of Fire’, a choice that we’re certainly not disappointed with!

Opening with ‘HauntedHouse’, the Gameboy electric sounds (thanks to Tyla-joe Connett) demand attention from the beginning, later contrasting with Kathrine Sunlay’s delicate vocals. The song has a light eerie feel to it, balanced with pop-influences catchy vocals, a style that we think only a band like Cyb3rnator could pull off with such ease. ‘LineOfFire’, meanwhile hits us first with Katherine’s vocals, with the Gameboy electronic sound building from behind her voice. This track evokes tension and inspires the listener to lose themselves in the music; perhaps somewhere between the dubstep bassline and the emotional vocals. Finally, ‘DirtyNauseousFilthyCautious’ strikes us hard, and is the favourite on the EP, it brings so many genres into question and yet by forcibly putting these musical tastes together in such a collaborative and exciting way. Definitely ones to watch in Yorkshire for electronic music in 2014.


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