EP Review: Feed Them To The Forest – ‘Feed Them To The Forest’

By July 14, 2015 EP, Reviews

Proving themselves to be one of the most hardworking bands in underground alternative rock, York upstarts Feed Them To The Forrest, have delivered their debut EP in just under a year. The self-titled release proves that contemporary emo is well worth a listen and oozes the sound of genre heavyweights Taking Back Sunday and Saves The Day.

Feed Them To The Forest

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The group, who formed in 2014, came together shortly after the demise of previous punk outfit Don’t Let Paris Fool You. They recruited The Fear’s Martin Wainwright on guitar duty and embarked on a series of shows across the UK.

Released just a matter of weeks before the fall of the EP, the curiously titled ‘How I Got My Shrunken Head’ gave fans their first taste of the upcoming record. It was a bold choice for a lead single, packing sharp hooks and emotive crowd chants. The track succeeds in every aspect a taster should, wetting fans appetites and conveying the record’s overall tone.

Opener ‘Chapter One- Influx’ is a mesmerisingly beautiful wash of ambient guitars, emulating the air of crashing waves. Despite being a chilling start, its relevance is questionable and it ties heavily in the vein of shoegaze and atmospheric indie rock. It does however fade seamlessly into its successor, giving the album a sense of flow.

One of the EP’s shortcomings is its raw and unrefined style of production. Leading tracks to feel a little amateur and lack the commercial appeal they perhaps would have supplemented with a glossier style. Vocals at times feel admittedly sketchy, diminishing the overall impact of the dual vocalists soaring melodic hooks.

Shining through the records imperfections, stand out tracks ‘Abby Sciutos Lift Life’ and ‘The Kids Need New Shoes’ succeed in delivering a memorable experience. The former holds an addictive chorus, which is only heightened within it’s concluding modulation, while the latter is a chilling end to the EP fusing rich orchestral elements alongside wonderfully cascading counter melodies.

Sweetening the deal, the record includes a bonus acoustic version of the aforementioned ‘How I Got My Shrunken Head’.  The re-imaging adds a new dimensional to the single and it translates perfectly into the pop-acoustic domain.

Although it may be little rough around the edges, Feed Them To The Forrest’s sophomore release demonstrates heaps of potential for the freshly borne outfit. The record’s standouts fortunately rise above its imperfections and has ultimately lead to a satisfying EP.