EP Review: Harrison Rimmer – ‘C’

By January 12, 2016 EP, Reviews

York singer songwriter, Harrison Rimmer, delivers a unique take on a classic sound to the local scene with his latest EP, ‘C’. Following on from 2014’s Empire, Rimmer maintains a familiarity through nostalgic 90s rock melodies and formulas.

Harrison Rimmer C

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Rimmer’s sensibility can evidently be heard throughout the EP. ‘The Way Side’ is an archetypal power pop track from the beginning with a count in and repetitive melodies that’s been given a distinct edge from Rimmer’s raw, gravely vocals. The unrefined sounds paired with the repetition of the chorus work together to create an apathetic, underground anthem. ‘Roots’ comes stampeding straight out of the gates with an unforgiving, less mainstream sound with a punk overtone. Driving guitars pound this track into the ground with lyrics that reflect the DIY style of the EP.

‘Before We Had to Grow’ has a more dynamic and rhythmic sound that gets stuck in our head. Rimmer’s vocals work with the comforting instrumental melodies to provide a necessary contrast. A more gentle aspect is delivered to the EP through ‘Ripped Up Magazine’ with a conventional rock sound and passionate vocals. ‘Scared’ starts with an impressive acoustic intro that draws us in and reveals a vulnerable side to Rimmer with a valiant honesty in the lyrics and a stripped down sound.

C is a personal collection of varied tracks from Harrison Rimmer that displays a range that’s begging to be explored.