EP Review: Road To Horizon – ‘Faultlines’

By November 19, 2014 EP, Reviews

Faultlines is a clear evolutionary step on from Road To Horizon’s previous offering ‘Chapters’, they have mixed up the format a little, swapping the predominantly clean tone vocals throughout ‘Chapters’ for the screamed verses that have become the norm for commercially viable ‘metalcore’ bands. However, Road To Horizon balance that razor’s edge well, avoiding our frequent complaint of clean toned vocal sections in young groups sounding like sulky teenagers having a hissy fit. Musically the EP shines throughout, with technical and fluid riffing paving the way for the cleverly balanced vocals.

Road To Horizon - Faultlines

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The opener ‘Faultlines’ is catchy and relentless, ‘Tonight Is our Night’ displays a confident and talented band putting together radio friendly unit shifters with bite and a validity sadly lacking in many popular up and coming acts. ‘Victimised’, is probably our personal favourite on the EP – cleverly blending classic beatdown stylings of the 90s during the verses which displays a melodious quality to the growled vocals that serves the song excellently, and would be great to hear more of in the future. ‘Sirens’ closes out proceedings with the same charm and conviction as any of their previous tracks.

The ‘Faultlines’ EP may be brief compared to ‘Chapters’, but the songs aren’t rushed and don’t labour the listener with a single hook or riff. They also don’t fall into the trap of throwing everything into a single song as is often the case in metalcore, where too many riffs are thrown into songs and they begin to feel weak and flimsy.

We think Road To Horizon have more to offer, and as they grow they will develop and hone their song writing skills and it’s refreshing to know that they have been getting their opportunity to reach larger audiences on recent tours with the likes of The Defiled and Funeral For a Friend.

We will say that Road To Horizon have achieved something few others have, they’ve made us believers, not in metalcore, which I feel to be a superfluous moniker at best. But in them themselves, a new(ish) group whose releases seem to be confident evolutionary steps on from one another. We’re keen to hear what they produce next and will absolutely make a point of catching them on their next outing.