EP Review: The Blue Dawns – ‘Death of Us’

By July 6, 2015 August 26th, 2016 EP, Reviews

Pushing the sounds of good old fashioned rock and roll to the surface are three piece York band, The Blue Dawns with their latest EP, ‘Death of Us’, available online for free streaming and download.

Death Of Us

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From busking on the streets of York to playing festivals in Italy, The Blue Dawns are attracting international attention with their classic combination of bluesy guitar riffs, intelligent lyrics and a consistently smooth sound. The EP was recorded in four days at Airtight Studios in Manchester and even features some hidden sounds from the city in true rock style.

To start the EP off right, ‘Death of Us’ delivers a rhythmic, rocking intro with a driving beat and overall fun sound. Harmonies and group vocals paired with effective melodies create a dominating sound without over complicating the track. An impressive guitar solo from guitarist Ben Porter highlights a classic 60’s rock influence that stays apparent throughout the EP.

Next up, ‘Leave It All Behind’ brings a funkier sound with an overall laid back inflection both musically and lyrically with the lines “I put my bag upon my back ‘cause I got to go now. I put my finger on the map and I hit the road now”. The casual nature of the lyrics expertly matches the mellow sound of the track. The EP’s penultimate track, ‘Turn Out the Lights’, brings out a heavier intro with fierce distorted guitars that slow to a rhythmic verse, only to come back with vigor in the chorus. Descriptive, darker lyrics paint an all too relatable picture of cutting ties with toxic people in life.

Bringing the EP to a close is ‘Watch Me’, a slower track with soulful guitars brushing a wistful melody and honest, reflective lyrics. With powerful, short bursts of energy in the chorus, the track continues to bleed sincerity in every riff, delivering a solid instrumental breakdown sprinkled with sounds from the city of Manchester between dynamic drums from Jordan Maher and thriving bass lines from Ross Mcleod.

With a fundamental sound and an undeniable aptitude for creating catchy, relevant rock tracks The Blue Dawns have breathed a significant breath of life back into rock and roll as we know it with ‘Death of Us’ through reinvigorated, classic sounds and the attitude to match.