EP Review: The Society – ‘Night Ship’

By September 22, 2017 EP, Reviews

The boys from melodic post-punk outfit The Society are sailing back onto the airwaves with a new EP, the beautifully executed ‘Night Ship’. This EP includes four tracks: Tears, Medicine Man, Night Ship, and Live in Your Light, written by the band and produced by David Whitaker (previously of Danse Society).

This EP is a testament to versatility of the band. Each track possesses a stylistic life of its own, with Cridford’s crooning and emotive vocals collating them into one holistic story of devastating love and loss.

Medicine Man, with its dark, relentless baseline and heavy guitar is reminiscent of the darker side of goth rock, teeming with wailing ghosts. Cultish whisperings and pounding tribal drums work in perfect tandem with Cridford’s vocals, booming through the noise. Well placed spoken samples from Tombstone at the beginning and end of the song help to reinforce the tense, erratic atmosphere.

You might have already heard the single track ‘Tears’ (or read my review here [link]). This bittersweet anthem of doomed love, with its haunting synth sounds, is a riveting example of the greatness that can be achieved by blending old and new. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the remixed version of this single on Night Ship; the theatrical, chiming guitar and keyboard flourishes stand out brilliantly.

Title track ‘Night Ship’ bursts into life with a pounding dance beat, dripping with sensual darkness. This was an unexpected turn for the mood to take after the sorrowful tone of previous tracks, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘Live in Your Light’ is a new take on an instrumental from the Danse Society album ‘Reincarnated’. Cridford’s spoken word is loaded with soaring emotive moments. The Society may be drawing on inspiration from older material, but this reimagining signifies a new dawn and new strengths for the band. This EP is about building a momentous skyscraper on solid foundations.

The band have just performed a succession of shows in, London and Meschede, Germany. Watch out for more from them very soon! You can watch the new video for ‘Medicine Man’ here:

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