EP Review: Tigercub – ‘Evolve Or Die’

By September 13, 2017 EP, Reviews

Tigercub are a Brighton, UK-oriented group who are best known for their song, ‘Blue Blood’, and are releasing their EP ‘Evolve Or Die’ on September 29. I have to say, I had high expectations for this EP considering that their album ‘Abstract Figures In The Dark’ was absolutely fantastic, and those expectations were SO exceeded! “Evolve Or Die” is an unbelievably well-executed group of songs.


The first song, ‘Divided States Of Us’ is a tough-around-the-edges track with it’s static-y fast-paced opening beat and opening lyrics like “Heaven sinking like a stone”. But once you dive in, you hear lines like “I saw my happiness fading”. The chaos of this track is well appreciated as it talks about something that we all struggle with- wanting what we can’t have. With lines like “Dying to be famous” and then after the chorus “I’m famous, searching for a saviour”. It’s a great song to relieve some energy, and just let go with.

Then we get to, “Into The Ashes” which is another heavy-sounding track, but without the speed of ‘Divided…’. It’s got harsher and more on-point lyrics, with lines like “born straight into the ashes of a broken world, full of mannequins-“. The thing I like about this song is the softer chorus, frontman Jamie Hall switches up his pitch with some falsetto Ooooos and it makes for quite a beautiful balance. Not to mention the progression of the drums throughout the song. “Into The Ashes” is passionate and well-developed.

The third song, ‘It’s Only Love’, which starts off slow and subtle, but you know something’s coming. A personal favourite as far as lyrics lines go in this song is “I only cry when you’re not looking, hide my heart until it’s full of burning love,” it’s really beautiful. This song is really unique in the sense that it’s about love, but it’s more on the rock side in terms of the music; another well-balanced and catchy song.

The final track on this EP is called “Faking Laughter”, and starts off with a short and snappy guitar riff and front man Hall singing the imaginative opening line “Take my tears and turn them into waterfalls of cotton candy”. Right off the bat, the song has you daydreaming. Hall’s voice is what stuck out to me; he starts lyrics lines off in a higher tone, and then drops it down by the end of the line; it makes for a song that entertains on another level than just any song would. This tune is sweet and playful and a great closer!


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