Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

By Dom Smith
By July 25, 2017 December 30th, 2021 Film, News, Reviews

This movie isn’t just about what’s happening in the high school life of the superhero’s young alter ego Peter Parker (Tom Holland). It’s worth noting that the character is finally back home where he belongs, in the same cinematic universe as The Avengers, who’s mess (from the previous installment of that franchise) is quite apparent in the film’s opening.


Anyways…Spider-Man: Homecoming gives us an excellent version of the webslinger that fans have been gunning for. It stands out from the rest of the adaptations, because it introduces a dynamic that has been really lacking from the Spider-Man franchises thus far.

Not only does it combine the immense problems of high-school with the dangers of being a secret superhero, but it also gives Spider-Man a much bigger world to play in, which is very cool for us as viewers.

What helps Spider-Man: Homecoming stand out from the previous two franchises is the fact that this is the youngest Peter Parker we’ve ever seen these movies. He’s an actual teenager with all the problems that comes with being a teenager, with the added struggles of trying to keep his superhero identity a secret from his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), and friends like Ned (Jacob Batalon), and Michelle (Zendaya) too, oh, and there’s also his high school dream-girl, Liz (Laura Harrier). That’s a lot of pressure for any kid to deal with, and we feel it in the audience.

Proving his worth as a superhero becomes a lot more difficult when Adrian Toomes (played by the resurgent Michael Keaton) emerges as the leader of an underground criminal organisation selling customised alien weapons (yeah, those ones from The Avengers) to criminals. Oh, and Costner’s character has a creepy black vulture suit, too. No hints there, at all.

Some fans have been a little concerned that this wouldn’t be enough of a solo Spider-Man movie with Tony Stark poking about. But in all honesty, Stark does his best to stay out of the way…mostly. It’s that vibe that makes Spider-Man: Homecoming interesting, because Stark essentially gives Spidey the chance to prove himself, but of course he bites of more than he can chew. Because…well….it is Spider-Man, after all.

Put simply though, Spider-Man is amazing again.

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