Who Could Keanu Reeves Play In The MCU?

By August 28, 2019 Blogs, Comics, Film, News

Like Thanos, Keanu Reeves is inevitable at the moment. For those unaware, we are living in the Reeves-aissance, he is everywhere. He is in movies, television, he’s even set to break into videogames. Now it seems he has set his sight on Marvel as rumours and reports fly about of Keanu, apparently, meeting with MCU execs over appearing in a future film. While even Reeves himself probably doesn’t know what part he’ll be playing, here are a few likely possibilities.

-Mr Fantastic

It would be an understatement to say that the Fantastic Four, as a film franchise, has had it tough. After two sub-par movies in the early 2000’s and a dead on arrival reboot, (that even its own director won’t defend) it’s going to take something special if fans are going to take Marvel’s first families’ upcoming MCU revival seriously. Enter Keanu front and centre however as the stretchy super smart, Reed Richards  and audiences will flock to watch John Wick fight Dr Doom.


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Another staple of Marvel lore that needs a star worthy of the role. While it would be tricky business, trying to find a way out of the large shadow Hugh Jackman’s absence would surely cast. All Reeves would really need is an extended action scene to showcase how convincing he’s become at playing living weapons and prove that he’s truly ‘the best at what he does..’. Plus, he’s got the mutton chop beard down already.

-Adam Warlock

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Cryptically teased to us during the post credits of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. Warlock is a nigh un-killable cosmic being of immense power. So he’s just the sort of character Reeves is used to playing. If anyone can be painted head-to-toe in gold paint and still manage to look like a complete badass, that’d be Keanu.

-Moon Knight

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Currently the bookies favourite. Marc Spector, a determined but psychotic vigilante, Marvel’s Batman if you will. Moon Knight will soon be receiving his own Disney + tv series as a part of Marvel’s phase four and he’ll need a good physical actor with drive playing him if he wants to contend with similar vigilante characters such as Daredevil and Spider-man. Fans are used to seeing Keanu haunting the criminal underworld on big screen, only here he’d be doing it every week on our televisions in the name of the moon god konschu rather than his dead dog


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Then again, maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way? Maybe Reeves isn’t playing a character at all? Maybe he’s trying something different? What if Keanu’s character wasn’t human, but CGI. After all this is the same studio that has Bradley Cooper as a talking racoon, anything goes with these people! Picture; Reeves’ face mo-capped onto a giant bloated head in a hover chair and you get a Machine Organism Designed Only For Killing. ‘Keanu Reeves as MODOK’, stranger things have happened…