Game Review: ‘Battlefield 3’ – PlayStation 3 [EA Games]

By November 10, 2011 September 14th, 2016 Game

Everyone’s got an opinion; you’ve probably got one about this already, and one on similarly hyped and styled games like ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ too? Yes, there’s some crossover there, but we can honestly say after a good few hours cracking on with this, that ‘Battlefield 3’ is a much better game. Deal with that.


Almost immediately as a player, you’re thrust into action as part of ‘Battlefield’ and there’s no fussin’ with an extensive opening sequence – the action, and graphics during gameplay do all the promotion for this. It’s a definite challenge from the off. The thing that we notice straight away here, is that the control reaction is perfect, and the only mega downside we find following our hours of experience (apart from the obscenely long loading times after death, and before starting at the most recent save point), is that there’s no gosh darn shoulder trigger. Oh, and the insta-kills are notably unrealistic – there’s no real reaction at the point where a character is shot. That’s it though… seriously.

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, the graphics in this game are second-to-none, and even if you are the most nit-picking of gamers, you will be challenged to find a fault visually, and it will be near impossible to not appreciate the work that has gone into this. In terms of its set-up, the game is very mission and task-based (something akin to ‘GoldenEye’). Wait.. wait. Yeah, we know you’re confused about that comparison but hold on a sec. ‘Battlefield 3’ is like the aforementioned popular series in that it’s very intuitive and after a while you’ll feel like it really is a battle between you and the game itself. As a player, you really can’t anticipate everything that’s coming; that is (you have to admit) exciting; compared to say, ‘Call Of Duty’ or ‘Killzone’ for example, it’s great to have some tasks and missions to really get immersed in and interested by; it’s definitely a great team-player game and it should have you “buzzing”for the next few months, at least. Don’t forget to come out of your game havens for Christmas pudding though! We fully endorse that festive dish here.

There are some great highlight moments that really justify the level of hype that this game has received already – getting to ride in a jet, sit in the gunner’s seat and completely let loose (thanks to the surprisingly quick response time and character move-ability) is a definite plus (and a great way to relieve a working days’ stress, ladies and gentlemen). It’s also a grand plus-point to see that such wonderful environments have been created and, that so many vehicles have been crafted to keep the gamer’s experience exciting. In short, ‘Battlefield 3’ looks and feels great, and now, we’re going to have another go. Excuse us.

For more information visit the official Battlefield 3 website.