Live Review: Corey Taylor [Bonus Arena, Hull] October 19, 2022

By Dom Smith
By October 21, 2022 Live, Reviews

There is a unique enthusiasm here tonight. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor in Hull. Cool, huh? The venue is packed, and the tunes are massive. Everyone is having an awesome time, as you would expect from an artist (and band) of this pedigree.

Sure, there are some excellent covers in this – Slipknot’s ‘Wait & Bleed’ being one such banger, however it is tracks like ‘Black Eyes Blue’ and ‘Silverfish’ that show not only the diversity in Taylor’s performance but the passion and excitement of the band as a whole. Each person on that stage has a tonne of fun during this set (despite a couple of technical difficulties), and it really feels like a band of (very accomplished) brothers playing songs that they love, for a crowd that loves them, unconditionally.

Bloody beautiful stuff on the whole, and a great get for the city of Hull. Let’s see if Taylor and the CMFT crew come back to East Yorkshire, as promised for a no-frills proper rock romp. We’d love to see it.

Words: Dom Smith

Check out some images from the set below, by iWilburnArt.