Live Review: Hell Is For Heroes [O2 Academy, Leeds] February 23, 2023

By Dom Smith
By February 25, 2023 Live, Reviews

Some of Britrock music’s most powerful forces have united for a most excellent tour in 2023, shoegaze legends My Vitriol, and post-hardcore powerhouses Hell Is For Heroes and Hundred Reasons have come together for a fantastic nostalgia fest packed with uplifting hits and wonderful, raging melodies.

It should be known, if you didn’t know already) that My Vitriol has some stunning songs, like the skyrocketing ‘Always: Your Way’, and while the stage might be a little cramped tonight (each band’s gear is set up at the start), tracks like ‘Grounded’ sound as effervescent as ever. Stunning stuff from an all-time gem of a band.

Hell Is For Heroes, man. They could have headlined this thing, in my view at least. Justin Schlosberg is sharp-dressed and deep in the hearts and minds of this crowd tonight. The band’s energy, and new material, including ‘Together In Pieces’ sounds as relevant and emotive as the band’s era-defining ”The Neon Handshake’. If ever British alternative music needed a band to return, it is Hell Is For Heroes, and we’re so happy they are back.

Hundred Reasons are older and wiser, sure, but they can still freakin’ go, man. Tonight, the main attraction treats the crowd of (mostly) 30-somethings to a mosh-fest (and a workout), and it is glorious to see. The band’s new album is indeed a ‘Glorious Sunset’, and the title track shines particularly bright tonight alongside classics like ‘I’ll Find You’ and ‘If I Could’ from the now iconic ‘Ideas Above Our Station’ album. Long live Hundred Reasons, and HIFH, and My Vitriol. These bands will always inspire and evoke in equal measure; making our collective heart sore. Bloody lovely stuff, all round. This is indeed a night we will remember for many years to come.