Live Review: Bitterskies [Fibbers, York] February 18, 2010

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Tonight, we see local boys Bitterskies play at Fibbers in York. It’s an opportunity to view one of the heaviest and determined bands on the city’s circuit do their progressive hardcore-tinged metal type-thing.


The opening track is totally intense and it really sets the tone for the rest of the evening – the energetic foursome manage to cram all of their aggression and musical diversity into this one which makes it a standout both live and on record. The rest of the set follows on very nicely and each song displays a depth that has been lacking from York‘s heavy music scene for a long time. You should know that this is no average mainstream metal outfit…no, seriously. This is intelligent, heavy as hell music for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Chimaira via Pantera.

The guitars work perfectly to keep the crowd excited with some exquisite shredding and complex riffs. This element, combined with an Bitterskies_livealmost Machine Head-esque, style of raw, demanding and well-timed, kick-in-the-nuts-style of drumming makes for a grand combo. This of course, is backed by the thumping bass which strikes like the perfect hangover waiting to happen – yeah, you know the one where you’re going to suffer from severe head trauma in the morning, but you just hit it damn hard anyways – bring the pain! This brash and sweaty musical concoction is fronted by some raw un-edged Hatebreed-ish vocals that’ll get the adrenalin pumping and fit in well with the already airtight musicianship and hard-hitting musical soundscapes created by the band.

This lot have a lot of collective experience under their belts having played in bands for the last few years in and around York. They are young and hungry for blood and they shouldn’t be over looked by any metal fan. Take note, this lot have the ability to tear you apart and still leave you screaming (assuming your tongue is with your head), for more. Just remeber to take some water with you…you know, to help your head.


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*Thanks to Gothic Rose Photography for the images.

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