Five minutes with King Pin Kong

By November 5, 2008 Live

King Pin Kong are an alternative rock band that originated in Market Weighton and Shiptonthorpe. I managed to catch up with them at a local gig in Market Weighton.

S: So, why are you guys called King Pin Kong? KPK: [Chris] To be honest, it was Rich’s idea. He came up with it one night when we were all hanging out thinking of stupid word combinations we could say when drunk. After that he suggested that we use it, and me and Kieren just agreed because it’s got no actual meaning behind it and audiences will try to figure it out. We can’t wait for it to appear on MTV, if we get that far that is, because it will just look so funny and bring back the memories of it all.S: Where did you guys meet?KPK: [Rich] Well Chris and I are brothers so that part is a given, Kieren we sort of picked up on the way through school.S: Do you guys ever have constructive arguments?KPK: [Kieren] No not really. We had an argument when Chris lost his drums. No, I shouldn’t say lost, more misplaced. The only thing that I can think of right now is based around this sticker chart we have. We use happy faces if we do well in a gig and sad faces if we fuck up. Chris has more sad faces that we do though. That doesn’t cause conflict with the band, it just amuses us a great deal to laugh at Chris’s failure. No, it’s a lot of fun working together and we all get on so we don’t really have serious tiffs.S: Who are the bands that you aspire to be like, and who are your inspiration?KPK: [Kieren] I have many bands that I have a great respect for. Slipknot, Metallica, and Machine head I respect for their musical abilities. Bands such as the Libertines and Babyshambles I enjoy because of the vocals. I guess you can say they influenced me but I cant really say who inspired Rich and Chris, we all have different musical tastes, and that’s probably why we work as a band.[Rich] My own personal biggest influences are Wednesday 13, I just love his voice it carries so much feeling, and bands AMEN and RAGING SPEEDHORN the reason been that they have the best lyrics and song titles and have huge amounts of stage presences’, I’d like to think I bring them influences through into our gigs and songs.S: What made you form this band together? KPK: [Rich] We actually have Kieren to thank for that. Chris and I have been in and out of bands for the past few years and we couldn’t settle due to constructive differences. One night we received an email from Kieren asking if we wanted to be in a band, and the rest is history. We do remember that we got together on a Tuesday though.S: Why settle for the genre of alternative rock?KPK: [Kieren] Well, it comes naturally to us; it’s the music that we listen to and always have since we were little. I mean we know nothing else besides rock, metal and alternative music so we just did what came naturally. It’s the genre that we enjoy playing because it has so much energy behind it. We have shaped and adapted our music from our previous experience in past bands and here we are.S: What makes you guys unique?KPK: [Chris] We have quite a big sound for a three piece band and we play to our strengths. We have a certain energy that the audience just feed off; it makes them so happy to see us like this. Even though there are only three of us, we have a great quality to our music. We go by the phrase ‘it’s not about quantity it’s about quality’. S: Why do you think you have such a strong and loyal fan base?KPK: There are no more bands local to us, and I think we have such a unique composition when it comes to our musical arrangements, that the fans just love it. As we said, they feed off our energy and it just makes them happy. We have a lot of friends and they have just been loyal and stood by us. Our fans are the reason we are here, without them, we would just be three guys making music together.S: Where do you see yourselves in five years??KPK: [Rich] With a white mustang that has a blue racing stripe down the middle. No seriously,
we just want to keep gigging, enjoying times on stage, if something big happens then great. If not then we are pretty damn happy jumping around like lunatics on the cosy small stage, giving it everything we’ve got and feeding off the crowd’s energy and atmosphere.
S: What’s your best gig to date?KPK: [Kieren] That ones easy, the gig we did at Speakeasy in York.S: What is you’re favourite song and why?KPK: [Chris] I think that we all have separate ones to be honest, I mean my favourite would have to be ‘Mirror, Mirror’, just because it’s amusing to watch Kierens’ energy levels drop from the amount he puts into that song.[Kieren] Well my favourite song is probably ‘All the gear but no idea’. I like it because of the harmony we have perfected in the chorus. Its one of the slower songs at the beginning, which calms the audience, but then as the metal element kicks in the crowds change instantly and to see the transition is amazing! [Looking distracted] Wait, where did my bat go?S: What is the inspiration behind your songs? Are they based on certain places or people, or are they just completely random?KPK: [Rich] Most of them were just words that we strung together to make sense. A lot of Kieren’s are based on feeling, but not the emotional kind. His are based more around the feelings of adrenaline and the stronger emotions based around life. [Kieren] Yeah they are not emotionally romantic lyrics. There is a line between my music and my romantic side.