Introducing King Pin Kong and their recent Gig review

By October 27, 2008 Live

King Pin Kong are an alternative rock band that formed in Market Weighton and Shiptonthorpe. They have already acquired a loyal fan base and are playing locally in York, Hull and Market Weighton. The band is amde up of three members; Chris, Rich and Kieren. All three are very talented guys. I was lucky enough to find out about one of their gigs at Market Weighton School Youth club on the 21st October 2008. So I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.

It’s half an hour before the band are even due to start, and there is already a crowd gathering.

When the band finally begins to play the fans all started screaming for their lives. The band introduce themselves and Rich tells them that he wants them all to crowd around them from the front.

As the band start chanting their name, the crowd join in ensuring they are fully worked up before KPK begin their first track, ‘Get up’. The guitar riffs are truly amazing; the crowd is really enjoying their performance. With Chris on Drums, Rich on Vocals and lead guitar, and Kieren on Bass, the sound is one that’s well rehearsed and not without energy and talent. With catchy lyrics that the crowd know by heart, we can see how dedicated the fans really are to KPK. Repetitive melody lines provide a catchy head banging song that fans both new and old will love. A unique sound is incorporated into their song by scraping the microphone down the guitar strings and this effect adds to the alternative rock sound that they are going for. With the first song over the crowd are already begging for more, and unwilling to disappoint, KPK have a packed set list yet to come. As a pun to the crowd, at the end of the song Rich talks to the crowd by asking “does anyone have a new drummer?’.

‘Catatonic’ their second song sound similar to Anthrax, a band that KPK say influences their musical quality. Their instruments work incredibly well together and the band have clearly spent time trying new ways to make their music more experimental. Through this track we can see that Rich and Chris provide the harsher tones vocally, whereas Kieren provides a softer quality to their sound.

By the time the second song is nearing its end everyone in the crowd is on their feet and dancing around. These guys have some serious talent.

A mosh pit forms for the third track, ‘Stuck hooked and out of luck’. A mosh pit is the sign of a true metal gathering. The crowd are seriously enjoying themselves, and are feeding off the energy of the band.

The catchy guitar riffs kick in again as track four  ‘Piece’ begins. For this track Rich and Kieren swapped guitars putting Kieren on lead vocals. Switching places not only showed that both Kieren and Rich had skills on more than one instrument, but also showcased Kieren’s vocal ability. Before ‘Skies’ began, both Kieren and Rich switched bask to their original place in the band, and the vocal quality switched back to its well known sound.

The song that stood out for me would have to be ‘All the gear but no idea’. I remembered this one out of their entire set because it had a really melancholy introduction on guitar. Richs’ vocals at certain parts showed their sound to resemble that of Billy Talent. Chris kicks the song into their usual style by introducing the drums at a later point. Kieren kicks in on the vocals to back up Rich and they get the crowd all excited once more.

Both ‘Wulf’ and ‘70/30’ were performed with great energy and the instruments worked well together. The vocals were particularly good on these two tracks and the crowd clearly adore KPK.

‘Big, fat and ugly’ the next track on their extensive set list shows Kieren on backing vocals. As KPK recite the words ‘Big, fat and ugly’ the instruments almost coem to a compelte stop, and this gives off a great feel to the track. With the return of the repetitive lyrics, both Kieren and Rich leave the stage area and go and play in the middle of the crowd, the crowd are loving this.

‘Mirror, mirror’, the final track in their set shows Kieren’s’ return to perform lead vocals. The energy is clear from the beginning of this track. To end this epic set, Rich leaves the stage area and finishes the track from amongst the crowd.

All through their set KPK performed with high energy levels and they were completely in control of their fans. The instruments collaborated well and their set was a total success.

With only a few hiccups throughout the set due to not having been able to bring their own drum kit into the venue, KPK are set to go as far as they want to. With their fans beside them, this is a band that we could be seeing a lot of in the near future, so look out for them.

“We think we have a truly a unique sound, combining energy, power and good vibes.” – KPK

*Words: Victoria Walker