Japanese Voyeurs [The New Adelphi, Hull] February 4, 2011

By February 4, 2011 January 16th, 2022 Live

Tonight, the Japanese Voyeurs slay Hull. They are a band with so much potential. Perhaps they are this generation’s Nirvana, but fronted by a girl who isn’t mental. It’s one thing for a band to tour the bigger venues of this country but any group who really wants to make it, in our eyes at least, needs to sample The Adelphi; a place that has, lest we forget, housed Muse, Greenday, The Arctic Monkeys and Pulp before.


Despite their nu-grunge style and raw energy, like the aforementioned, we believe this stuff could translate on much bigger stages…festival stages, this summer in fact. As Romily Alice and co. (who will feature in our second issue) launch into the readily addictive ‘Milk Teeth’, ‘Godzilla’ and a ridiculously ace cover of NIN’s defining ”Closer’ to the dedicated bunch that are seated and standing in the pub-like establishment we are blown away because we can see the future of alt-rock, and it’s happening in Hull. Okay, we know this delightfully scruffy bunch aren’t from East Yorkshire, but we do know they love it, and are coming back soon; good on you guys for having the balls. JV are relentless in delivery and in all its grimey punk rock glory, The Adelphi recieves the onslaught well.