Live Review: Expire [Wharf Chambers, Leeds] Friday, February 14 2014

By February 15, 2014 September 18th, 2016 Live, Reviews

I RE-GRESS AND I SLIP AND… Yeah! It’s a tense energy tonight as we anticipate the performance of one of our favourite hardcore bands Expire, and currently we’re still full of it, because it’s been pretty damn sick.


First, a whirlwind of discovery as Mangled Youth take the stage and showcase their old-school Minor Threat Esc style, and wow, this is a local band to remember. They are yet more promise of the potential and talent around us, and of many great gigs to catch in the future. Next up, Foresaken, an intoxicating thrash-influenced outfit that quell that desire within us for more than punk alone. The riffs the Welsh quartet crank out are addictive and take us back to the very origins of thrash metal – doubtlessly you’re blazing their ‘Amongst Gods, Below Man’ EP right now, and if not, do it now, it’s the sh*t. And last but not least, Coldburn. This is a new one for this music fan, and damn. Just damn. Their songs begin simmering, building that visceral energy that gets us moving, before they kick off with fiery guitar lines and bristling vocal anger.

After a few of those strangely exciting mic checks that rev us up for the main event, Josh Kelting [vocals] steps up, completing the line-up and then we fall into mental disarray as ‘Bark’ begins. It’s awesome to hear a couple of tracks from the ‘Grim Rhythm’ EP too, namely ‘Anchor’ and ‘3:56’, and then we indulge in more ‘Pendulum Swings’ goodness with ‘Sleep Lost’, ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Spit Out’, then later, what is very much the catalyst to the ever-growing madness, ‘Abyss’ instigates a swarming audience who practically engulf the stage, and Josh too. Where are you, Josh?  The night finishes off with two more favourites, ‘Focus’ (and just to tug at your heartstrings, we were waiting for it all night, but right as the drums kicked in some crazy b*tch whacked this writer in the bollocks. That wasn’t fun. You know who you are, and we hope you feel guilty. Oh, and f*ck you), and to top it all off, ‘Just Fine’ which gets the majority of the room moving. All in all, an excellent hardcore experience. Return to the UK soon, boys, we’ll be waiting eagerly.