Live Review: Glamour Of The Kill [Tokyo, York] June 27, 2014

By June 30, 2014 Live, Reviews

In one of the best nights for York’s alternative music scene in recent memory, Glamour Of The Kill return home after a three year absence, to a surprisingly cool (temporary) venue, replacing the currently-out-of-action Fibbers, in Tokyo (usual home to many chav-tastic clubnights in the city). Tonight, GOTK are supported by some excellent local talent including the likes of ((RSJ)) and The Bastard Sons.

Glamour Of The Kill

We arrive just in time to see ((RSJ)) parting the capacity crowd and creating an intense, enjoyable environment for all involved – music fans, promoters, others bands et al. Everybody enjoys the brutal, unrelenting noise and showmanship of ((RSJ)) in York, and it’s great that in recent years, more people are taking notice nationally as well. This has been one of the best times we’ve seen them for sure, and they clearly excel in packed venues where vocalist Dan can hang from the rafters, while guitarist Guff injures himself in some spectacular fashion. Just awesome.

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Another local band making waves on a national level, and for good reason, are The Bastard Sons. Raw, and powerful throughout their performance, this band are set to follow both Glamour and ((RSJ)) as York’s next great exports. The songs are performed with immense vigour, and (however drunk vocalist JJ may or may not be) quality vocals and musicianship. ‘O’ Brothel Where Art Thou?’ is a definite standout this evening, and the crowd seems to lap it up. We’re expecting massive things from this lot, and tonight proves that they can more than deliver when the pressure is on.

Finally, we have York’s rock scene darlings in Glamour Of The Kill. Man, this lot are huge right now, and only behind Asking Alexandria and err, Shed Seven in their claim to worldwide…acclaim. They’ve got the buzz for sure, and the tunes too, which is always good. With family, friends and adoring teen fans in attendance at Tokyo, Glamour truly look like the world-beaters everyone claims them to be in 2014. They’ve got the epic electro-dubstep-brooding intros to songs, all the “woah” choruses in the world, and epic showmanship qualities to boot. Nice work, York. The crowd is massive, the mood is excellent. More of the same, please!