Live Review: Henry Rollins [Manchester, Bridgewater Hall] January 12, 2016

By January 14, 2016 Live, Reviews

Man, Henry Rollins is one inspiring dude. Speaking tonight in Manchester on a range of topics – from Black Flag to Bowie ( a fan of Henry’s, of course), it’s clear that this man has lived through the highs and lows of the music industry, and that he is most certainly not a dickhead.

Henry Rollins 2016

I’ve not seen a spoken-word performance delivered with so much passion, and drive. Henry Rollins has met everyone, from presidents to casual fans, and it is this fact, that enables him to maintain his faith in humanity.

Rollins’ passions – music and people are at the centre of everything he speaks on tonight. Rollins’ is still a champion of alternative music, and punk in 2016 because of that; he delivers great stories about Lemmy, and in turn offers up key insight into what an exciting, and equally lonely world a rock star can live in.

Rollins is funny, and articulate – after all these years and successes, he is absolutely without ego. And that’s an awesome thing to be a part of. I feel like I’m talking to a mate, and I know I’m not, I get that. But still, as hard as Henry looks, he’s one comforting mother fucker to behold on the stage.

Here’s a taste of the man in action from a few years back…