Live Review: The Black Queen [The Deaf Institute, Manchester] September 28, 2016

By September 30, 2016 Live, Reviews

We’re writing this as we leave a packed at room at The Deaf Institute in Manchester with the hair still standing on our collective neck.

The Black Queen

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The Black Queen, a band that have only played seven shows in their career, leave the stage as guitars ring and samples still siren throughout the venue leaving every person in the room begging for an encore and one last song. From the get-go, the set was energised with pure emotion and angst. It was more of a live emotional rollercoaster, rather than a performance and a truly beautiful one at that as well.

Black Queen

Since ‘Fever Daydream’ dropped in January earlier this year, we’ve been listening to it non-stop, and wondered how they’d captivate the raw emotion and energy from the album live. But they executed every element from the album perfectly and were better live than on record.

‘The End Where We Start’ had you in a mesmeric trance right after ‘Maybe We Should/Non-Consent’ had you wanting to dance like you would in an 80s disco. Dark synth-pulsing tracks such as ‘Distanced’ and ‘That Death Cannot Touch’ give ol’ T-Rez [Reznor] a run for his money. The set perfectly flows, and the songs oozed into one another elegantly and smoothly.

“Turn the house lights completely off” Greg Puciato orders (vocalist of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and supergroup Killer Be Killed) right before their last song ‘Apocalypse Morning’. As a fan of the band, this song is this writer’s favourite from the album and the way they build the show to reach the climax at this specific point is spot on. A song that requires a raw, emotive and epic intro is fully delivered and doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. “Out of the seven shows we’ve played, this is my favourite”, smiles Greg. Hopefully, next time they come back undoubtedly in a bigger venue, Manchester will somehow have to top tonight. And you can count on us definitely being there next time.