Shining [Sound Control, Manchester] November 22, 2015

By November 23, 2015 January 18th, 2016 Live, Manchester, Reviews

Shining’s intensity and drive tonight showcases them as the champions of jazz-metal, or rather blackjazz. Through stellar tracks including, ‘I Won’t Forget’ and ‘The Last Stand’, Munkeby and co. motivate and inspire the dedicated Manchester folk in attendance.



What you need to understand is that this band are one of the most technically sound, and all-round gifted acts on the planet, and they are just starting to get the recognition that they deserve in Europe. We’ve interviewed ’em a bunch of times now, because, well, we know they’re that fucking good, but you really need to get on this bandwagon, guys. Tonight, in this, a raw and wonderfully sweaty Sound Control, Shining truly show themselves to be champions of proper alternative music, and astounding musicianship. Put simply, this is how it’s done.

Words: Daniel Cook

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