Single Review: Lazybones – ‘Heart Beat Like a Drum’

By October 25, 2018 October 27th, 2018 Reviews, Single

If you like your music switchblade-sudden and sharp, groaning with garage-punk rust, look no further than Lazybones’ latest single. ‘Heart Beat Like a Drum’ is a full-frontal attack: snarling, distorted basslines and teeth-grinding guitar sections set the attitude, but the track’s real propulsive force is Candi’s splenetic vocals.


She tantrums, she shrieks: her capability knows to end, one moment carrying crystal-clear melodies and the next spinning them out of control in a hair-tearing frenzy. Undoubtedly, ‘Heart Beat Like a Drum’ is an anthem. It sets a precedent for a band with incredible musical command, which will no doubt be reaffirmed with the release of their debut EP ‘Bang! Bang!’ in January of next year.

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