Single Review: Pale Waves – ‘She’s My Religion’

By December 16, 2020 Reviews, Single

Pale Waves are back! The four-piece pop-rock band from Manchester have returned with the second single off of forthcoming album “Who Am I?” and have managed to make it two for two in terms of quality. ‘She’s My Religion’ provides a more introspective look into lead singer Heather Baron Gracie’s love life, while also bringing a different flavour than the pop-rock banger of the first single ‘Change’, which once you hear will never want to leave your brain.

Pale Waves © John Hayhurst

The song begins by building the pop and grunge instrumentation to a huge chorus which Heather knocks out of the park, giving her most vulnerable performance to date on a song. The track feels very raw, almost as if Heather is releasing the feelings for her partner in a firework display of love, while also admitting despite the flaws they still love each other, and she has helped Heather accept herself. With lyrics like “she’s cold, she’s dark, she’s cynical, she’s forever angry at the world, she’s no angel, but she is my religion” feels simple yet utterly heartfelt and leaves you in awe.

This track proves that Pale Waves second album will be worth the wait, establishing themselves as melody makers but also heartbreakers with their mix of catchy instrumentals and heartfelt emotion. February can’t come soon enough.

Words: Brett Herlingshaw