Single Review: The Blueprints – ‘Circles’

By January 26, 2016 Reviews, Single

The Blueprints are THAT band. Y’know, the sort of band that you would find occupying one of the many indie bars in York on a Saturday night.

The Blueprints

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The five-piece, led by Stuart Allan on vocals, are breathing fresh air into a convoluted scene. The York-based band have clearly taken inspiration from the indie scene that caters the Northern music scene, combining melody with rock. If this sounds reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys, you shouldn’t be surprised. After all, the Arctic Monkeys were formed in Sheffield and that’s only in South Yorkshire. Quickly gaining a cult following, The Blueprints have racked up over six hundred followers on Twitter, a figure that is sure to rise if they release anthems as good as ‘Circles’. Which leads me to their latest offering. Out at the end of this month, Circles has that upbeat, laid-back vibe that will get you cracking out your finest moves on the dancefloor or cranking up the volume on your headphones until flames are crackling out of your eardrums.

‘Circles’ kicks off with a guitar strumming that is simply electrifying! From the moment you hear the opening sound that is the equivalent of someone turning the volume up to ‘overload’ when you plug in the guitar jack, you need to sit back and steel yourself for the sound that will reverberate through your whole body. The strumming of the guitar throughout the track provides a captivating listen to this beautiful crescendo as the track plays, while the rhythmic drumming provides a poppy backdrop to a song that references going in circles while attempting to attain something you have set out to accomplish. The instruments, in particular the guitar, are a highlight in this song. Soothing, yet searing enough to jolt you awake if you find yourself falling into a deep relaxation as the hypnotic nature of the track takes hold.

The theme of the lyrics will have you nodding in approval as you realise that you can relate to lyrics that refer to having a dream and losing sight of that dream when you are running in circles with the busyness that comes with life! However, this melodic indie band does this in a positive manner, with ‘Circles’ encouraging you to break that circle and follow the dream that you set to yourself.

In summary, this song is a belter of a listen that will send vibrations coursing through your body. Fantastic listen!