SIMPLE PLAN release new song ‘The Antidote’

By November 5, 2021 Reviews, Single

Today, Simple Plan fans across the globe got to hear the long-awaited single ‘The Antidote’.  This song giving us a taster of the album (sixth) yet to come. In true Simple Plan style, the song embodies diversely relatable lyrics and carefully crafted backbeats; these carrying you through each verse and hooking you into the catchy pop punk chorus.   

This is the first single the Canadian pop punk band have released in two years, the last 2019 ‘Where you Belong’ – a collaboration with We The Kings and State Champs. The band actually wrote and recorded this track before the pandemic hit; without knowing how potent the lyrics would become. The lyrics in the track discuss going through hard times, and the value of having someone or something there to aid you through. If any of the lyrics were to strike a chord with all who listen: ‘cause my broken pieces don’t fit in’, or ‘you always come around and the darkness fades away, fades away’, would be prime examples. 

Since starting out, the band are known for creating songs to uplift, heal and support. If you need music to fuel an emotion – Simple Plan have one in their discography. As someone who has followed Simple Plan throughout their career, this single did not disappoint. All the key elements fans have grown to love and expect can be heard in ‘The Antidote’, whilst showing growth as a band.

Simple Plan took to Instagram with personalised videos from each member; acknowledging how patient the fans have been through this, how happy and proud they are to share this song.

The Antidote is available to stream now. 

Words by Melanie Parkin


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