Band Spotlight: Alunah

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By June 28, 2017 Listen, News

In our next band spotlight, we chat to Sophie Day from Birmingham doom band, Alunah.


What inspires the band outside of music – think movies, people and places?

Dan, Dave and I are really into history, we’re all members of English Heritage but love seeking out other historical sites that have not been as explored. Dave and I are followers of Julian Cope and in particular his book and website ‘The Modern Antiquarian’, which provides co-ordinates, comment and feedback about some really interesting places that are less touristy than the English Heritage locations. The places and history we seek out are really inspirational, especially lyric-wise. In terms of inspirational people outside of music; Carl Sagan, Caitlin Moran, and Billy Connolly all inspire me in one way or another.

What’s are the biggest challenges for a band like yourselves right now?

We’ve never had it easy in terms of working with trustworthy people; some bands fall in with the right people, and some don’t. We have found ourselves in some shitty situations, but fortunately we’re tight knit and we just keep on keeping on. I guess we now just have bigger bullshit detectors. Also, after four albums I guess there’s the issue of where we go next with our music.

Do you find Birmingham inspiring at all?

I find the musical heritage of Birmingham and The Black Country inspiring yes. I live 30 minutes North of Birmingham, and although I love the place, city living is not for me. I find inspiration in woodlands and forests, and I’m so happy to be living among the greenery.

What’s been a career highlight, or a few so far?

When we began in 2006, I never would have believed that we would be here, I am extremely proud of everything we have done. We have had so many highlights, but I would say our first gig outside of the UK was pretty special, we were asked to go to Paris to headline a gig in 2013, and it was incredible. We have since been to Europe on tour many times, and I always feel very lucky to be given the opportunity. We have also played with some incredible bands including Paradise Lost, Trouble, Fu Manchu, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, High on Fire, Nebula and Graveyard.

What are the remaining plans for this year?

We are playing a couple of UK dates (Bristol and London) with Acid King in July, and we are discussing some opportunities for later in the year.

Alunah’s 4th album ‘Solennial’ is out now on Svart Records.

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