Band Spotlight: InTechnicolour [2020]

By February 25, 2020 Band, Listen, Spotlight

S] How are you guys doing today?

Vlad] Hungover and dying for a Greggs.

Tobie] Well, I’m currently speaking to you from the back of a van on our way to Glasgow, it’s early, I’m sleepy but we have homemade sarnies so it’s all cool!

Dave] I’m sat in the front of said van enjoying a nice yet terribly hot cup of coffee.  

S] Talk us through new material like ‘Big Sleeper’ and what it means to you now?

Tobie] The stuff of Big Sleeper actually isn’t that new, it’s been a long old process getting this album made, so we actually have some much fresher daisies hand-picked and ready to add into the set list…

Vlad] It means lower back pains and maxed our credit cards. It’s also a kind of rewarding feeling having this thing out that I am sure I could not have simulated any other way.

Dave] It’s been a long process, like Tobie said, so it’s a huge relief to finally be able to share Big Sleeper with the world.

S] How do you look back on early stuff like ‘Hey, Who Really Cares?’ now?

Tobie] I love those songs, we may have moved away from that sound ever so slightly, but that doesn’t change the meaning and emotion attached to those tunes. On that EP we were really finding our feet as a band, as cliché as that sounds, the songs on Big Sleeper are simply the progression of where we wanted to take the musical direction of InTechnicolour

Vlad] We have taken it down from everywhere except one platform, in case you wanna play “find the release”…

Dave] The band has evolved a lot since its early days, we’ve been through a lot of mind sets and band members and we’ve finally arrived at a sound that represents us as InTechnicolour.

S] What are the biggest challenges you face as a band now?

Tobie] Hangovers, not being able to find weed on the road and shit monitors…but bear in mind, I’m in tour mode right now.

Vlad] Fucking hell, Tobie could not have said that better.

Dave] I’ve just burnt my lip on my coffee.

S] What’s motivating you outside of music, think specific people and places, or games for example?

Tobie] Right now, my huge motivator is my good lady, as she is pregnant. It’s pretty motivating to see her growing a small human inside her. I’m freaking out so it’s very cool to see her deal with it all so calmly and maturely.

Vlad] seeing a tangible generational change in terms of values and where our society is shifting towards. I just hope our planet doesn’t die before then, and that Tobie´s kid gets to live on a planet that is inhabitable.

Dave] I’ve just moved from a busy city to the countryside which doesn’t sound that drastic (because it isn’t) but it’s definitely affected both the way I write music and the music I’m writing.

S] How do you define success as a band?

Vlad] getting to the next show.

Tobie] For me, it’s when I hear people singing my lyrics in the audience, it’s only happened a couple of times so far, but it’s always been the coolest thing to see/hear!

Dave] Sleeping on a floor with your head half in a washing machine < sharing a bed with your bandmate sleeping butt to butt in a small queen bed < Doubletree by Hilton.