Exclusive: Tulipomania – ‘On The Outside (Spinello Remix)’

Philadelphia duo Tulipomania have announced the release of their brand new double A single ‘Off The Map / On The Outside (Spinello Remix)’. The duo comprise of creative tour de force  Tom Murray (lead vocals, bass, drums) and Cheryl Gelover (synthesizer, background vocals), their abstract creations tipfy their creative process allowing them to be one unto themselves and unusually for a band, self-uncategorised. Refusing to pigeon hole themselves allows the army of two to push themselves, in their music and their video production.


The band create by hand nigh on all of their music videos, including both Off The Map and On The Outside (Spinnello Remix)’. Utilising a Peter Gabriel esque stop-motion animation style and syphoning it through their unique Nine Inch Nails and Nick Cave-esque Post Punk lens leaving us with a dark and brooding but melodic work with the perfect visual accompaniment. Combining this creativity with their brooding rhythm sections, gritty guitars and compelling atmospheric vocal delivery, the band are creating a world and inviting the public in. The band describe the creative process ‘’Both of the tracks on this new single see us moving in a different direction in this respect.  It’s nice to cede control to people whose work we admire.It’s also exciting to hand over tracks and then wait for the results’’ of the remix video they muse ‘’When Shane sent us the remix of On the Outside, it took the track to places we wouldn’t have imagined, which is exactly what we’d hoped for. The animation for the music video was directly inspired by the remix.’’