Game Review: inFAMOUS First Light [PS4, 2014]

By Dave Jamieson
By August 8, 2016 Listen

First Light is a full stand alone DLC that expands on the Infamous Second Son universe. It’s a  rather short prequel that follows a neon super-powered heroine, Fetch, and her brother. It flows really well as a stand alone story but also adds to the incredible universe that was Infamous Second Son.



Unfortunately for me, the first time I started playing FL was pretty much the only time I played it. I was hoping for something a little longer as it was a separate release but nonetheless I still loved this game. I was disappointed I managed to do the bulk of the entire game in a day, I was sat hoping for more. Fetch is a great character, far more likeable than the cocky “hero” of Second Son, Delsin. Despite the game’s name and her powers, her story is pretty dark, which I loved. You don’t need to have played SS to play or to even enjoy this, it works really well alone and if you’re a fan of the Infamous series.

Roaming around Seattle was awesome fun, pretty decent range of depth, and really nice smooth game play. The city feels pretty populated, citizens, cars, baddies to kill, floating balls of light to collect… it looks great. An open world action adventure game where you can zip around the city as a glowing blast of neon light.. Sounds a little trippy, but it is fun. If you’ve played any of the Infamous games you know that having a little “magic” really helps out. It’s like playing a Grand Theft Auto game, except you can parkour around the city, and shoot lasers out of your hands… c’mon, thats cool. If that doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy, then maybe this game isn’t for you.

Despite having quite a small story, there is still plenty to do, loads of collectables, some tricky challenges and an interesting challenge mode. Alongside the main story, you gain access to a simulation arena which also manages to tie in within the story and the development of Fetch’s abilities. You can keep retrying arena like battles trying to best your, or any of your friends scores. And if you have a safe file from Second Son, you can actually use Delsin, with all of his powers which is pretty damn cool

If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, something you can keep coming back to, this maybe isn’t the right choice. However, if you like the idea of having an awesome story driven adventure where you can blow up cars using laser rockets, this could be for you.

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