Listen: Moviestar – ‘The Curse And The Currency’

By May 8, 2020 Listen, News

Once again showcasing the eclectic trio’s ability to create a cocktail of sounds that are full of fun and energy, The Curse and the Currency of the Twenty-First Century is unapologetically ambiguous from the offset. Upcoming single The Curse and The Currency combines art-pop, sci-fi punk and indie sensibilities in order to create Moviestar’s unpredictably dynamic sound.

Fans of the likes of LCD Soundsystem and The Go! Team will feel at home here. Talking about the album, the band elaborate, “this is a concept album about the state of the world in 2020, seen from the perspective of the future. It addresses social media, the decline of human interaction, social distancing technology and environmental challenges.”

“The powers that may be put a spell on the 21st century, and we are here to expose it. The digital conspiracy reeks of dumming down. We’ve become slaves to our own false image and it needs to stop. People are being led to belive that the modern currency; likes, views, plays etc. is actually worth something. But it has only trapped us. We are served a simple edible gravy of shit trough our digital devices, so not to revolt, and therefor only to consume. Our freedom is under attack. And this is sad. We feel sorry for the world, as we live inside such a narrow bandwidth, but there is still hope. As Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush said; Don’t give up!”