Listen: Nobody’s Baby – ‘Life Of A Thousand Girls’

By June 28, 2019 Listen, News

Today, San Francisco-based death doo-wop band Nobody’s Baby announce their debut self-titled EP, sharing lead single “Life of a Thousand Girls.”

The pounding debut EP from Nobody’s Baby honors the brash sincerity of doo-wop and 60’s Girl Groups, whilst dragging up the grim undertones of modern life. Beneath the layers of unhinged guitar, duel female/male vocals, and troglodyte drums lies a melodramatic teenage tale told in five burning tracks. The songwriting is a collaboration between guitarists Katie Rose and Peter Niven — themes range from the “live fast, die young” attitude to the stubborn heartbreak of young love. The band’s sound boils between shockingly modern (turn it down!) to warm and fuzzy tube glory all within a single track. The EP was recorded and mixed with ringing ears at District Recording by the band’s drummer, Ryan Perras.