Listen: Ollie Walter (ft. Madebynoah) – ‘Falling In/Falling Out’

By Sophie Walker
By July 12, 2018 July 18th, 2018 Listen, Music, Reviews, Single

A musician and producer still unfurling, Ollie Walter, despite ‘falling in/falling out’ being only his second release, demonstrates a masterful control over creating an ambience in his music. What would be a light, ethereal track is anchored with a wash of punchy, fluid drum beats and languid guitar sections that creates something powerful, yet altogether effortless. The stripped back funk sounds as if it’s from another time. The soul is there – the soul is absolutely there.

Walter’s voice is an old-school standout. It seems just a little below the surface, close but at the same time out of reach. In a menagerie of replicable voices, Ollie Walter’s holds its own. What really brings this track together is madebynoah’s verse. Distinct in its own right with a twang, the smoothness and versatility of his rapping is a technical contender against the all-star household names. The skill is mature beyond the rapper’s years: it can only be talent. ‘falling in/falling out’ is undoubtedly a trailblazer for the upcoming EP from Ollie Walter. It holds promise.

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