Listen: Sands – ‘A Lightning Strike’

By Dom Smith
By May 15, 2018 Listen, News

Here’s Sands‘ new space rock beauty, ‘A Lightning Strike’, and alongside that a killer five-track influences playlist for you…because, you know we are nice like that.


Check out the track’s influences below:

Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl

“That is one of the riffs I always tend to play when I pick up a guitar ever since I learned it. That guitar sound, the singing.. the Crazy Horse. Big love Uncle Neil.”

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?

“One of the best things I’ve ever heard. The magic that comes out of the stereo is always mesmerising. A defining track. A band that practises a whole different sport.”

David Bowie – Scary Monsters

“Probably the most talented man who stepped on this planet. Endlessly inspiring. This is one if my favourite records of his, and this tune is outstanding.
Twisted, haunting, yet groovy and danceable. And an amazing chorus.”

Talk Talk – After The Flood

“They truly are a gem in music in my opinion. Their music is painting things in my mind in a way that is just unique. Their journey is one of a kind.”

Primal Scream – Shoot Speed Kill Light

This is basically what it’s all about. That is the attitude. The tune is dreamy and aggressive at the same time, like driving at full speed in the void.”

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