Listen/Spoken Word: Karl Hildebrandt- ‘Will It Be Forever’

By Andrew Gooch
By August 7, 2019 Listen, News, Poem, Spoken Word

A first for our Soundsphere spoken word submissions line-up as we bring you, this week, an audio piece by, ‘The Proper One’, Karl Hildebrandt with a poem entitled, ‘Will It Be Forever’.

Introducing The Proper One Karl Hildebrandt (with a ‘D’) Having been around the block behind the scenes in the music business, roadie, stage hand, you name it he’s dabbled in it and could tell you some stories. One day the Professional Mancunian Gobshite with a fine line in trainers decided, “Hang on, what if I can empty out this head full of street knowledge and wisdom and unleash it onto an unsuspecting audience on the stage?” And this is what he does, with his Proper book of Proper knowledge. His dark witty streetwise tales can be disturbing, make you think, make you laugh, but more importantly make you remember what you’ve heard. He already has a celebrity fan base on board including including Denise Johnson, MC Tunes (Dust Junkies) and Hacienda legend and author Dave Haslam and loves taking the piss. He also has a couple of secret projects with some Mancunian legends coming up. If you have 20 menthol kingsize and vodka involved the The Proper One will attend. Proper.

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