Listen To Girl – ‘Big Things’

By Dom Smith

It’s our great pleasure to present you with this fine piece of alternative pop from Listen To Girl. This is ‘Big Things’ and it’s glorious.

“The overall look we were going for was something dreamy but with an unsettling edge. The colour palette was inspired by the music videos Tim Pope made for The Cure during the late 1980s, and also Dario Argento’s 1977 film, ‘Suspiria’, where vibrant primary colours create a deliberately unrealistic, nightmarish world. For much of the song, Ina’s ghostly wordless backing sits behind Christian’s lead vocal, this inspired some of the compositions. Vaseline smeared around the lens to add a blurred vignette, and angles historically associated with the German expressionism period, such as the Dutch tilt, was used to create an unusual look.

 We also got an interesting camera angle by removing the back of an acoustic guitar, and shooting Christian singing through the guitar’s sound hole.”

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