Listen to the brooding, reflective goth-disco of Brujx on ‘Mantis’

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By September 17, 2020 Listen, News

Brujx (they/them) is the brand new solo venture from ex-Muertos vocalist, writer and multi-instrumentalist DeAnna Avis. Pronounced “Brew-hex”, the name derives from the Spanish word “Bruja” – a gender neutral term for “Witch”. Their debut single ‘Mantis’ is out via Roadkill Records and marks the arrival of this exciting new project, a stark contrast to previous work.

Drawing influences from the likes of Fiona Apple, Julie Ruin (Kathleen Hanna), Bjork, Peaches, PJ Harvey and more, Brujx writes an eclectic array of dark, poetic anthems for outcasts. Their poignant lyrics come straight from the heart and tackle raw issues surrounding mental health and society through lived experience and character study, as well as the mysterious and magical. ‘Mantis’ itself is a glistening electronic statement of intent, with smooth synths and an empowering chorus as well as gothic, dreamlike atmospherics.

Of the track we’re told “Mantis is a song about recovery from narcissistic abuse. Mantis takes you through the whole journey – the honeymoon phase, the rapid intensity they generate, a sensation like falling in love, which then of course makes you vulnerable and defenceless. And when you are secure and least expect it, they strike. I have been through many traumatic experiences in my life but this level of betrayal from someone who I loved and who supposedly loved me was one of the worst – and now I am grateful for it, because through the hurt they caused, they liberated me. Of course that is just my side of the story, but you cannot ever expect a narcissist to take accountability – they are too damaged for that, their psyche protecting them from the hurt and sense of defectiveness they have inside. Don’t ever expect an apology from a narcissist – just run. Run, as fast as you can, and you cannot get far enough away – take my word for it, you will need a lot of healing to get them out of your head. When things fall apart, it is a gift. There is something better waiting for you.”

Brujx is unabashedly queer, a witch, a survivor, an over-sharer, messy and most of all it’s about being true to one’s self and a refusal to live within the constraints of other people’s perceptions.

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