Listen: Worm – ‘Dust And Bone’

By May 29, 2014 September 18th, 2016 Listen, News

Check out this new track from up-and-coming York grungers, Worm. Check out ‘Dust And Bone’.


Worm make the most fantastic noise – sort of like an angrier more lyrically-substantial Nirvana clashing with freakin’ Sonic Youth – trust though, it is great stuff. Really, vocalist Rory Welbrock packs more energy and venom into his little pinky finger than any popular modern grunge/nu-grunge act lucky enough to grace the modern rock charts (see Seether or err, Staind…yeah, they’re still about). You should let this fuzzed-up, lo-fi sound slap you in the ears; you’re probably gonna dig in and enjoy getting your fingers dirty with Worm.

On ‘Breath’ the riffs are constantly building while the pace and tone changes regularly, and that makes it very exciting to see done live in a small sweaty venue. Equal parts ferocious as they are emotive, these songs will slither into your brain and stay put.

Worm comes out of York and follows a successful run of decent alt-rock bands from the city – like the SPHERE-endorsed Fawn Spots, …And The Hangnails, La Petite Mort and Bull (a band featuring Worm members Dan Lucas and Rory, FYI) – who are all making waves regionally and nationally now.

Simply put, if anyone’s going to lead a grunge, or indeed an alt-rock revolution in the UK, then it should bloody well be Worm. The energy is infectious, the songs are catchy – if this band tours regularly over the coming years, then people will take notice. This is music with real anger (watch ’em close ‘Dust and Bone’ below…) embedded in it, real thought and above all else, pure youth and endless passion. Brilliant.