Mental Health Story #1: Dan Milligan

By Dom Smith
By January 23, 2020 January 16th, 2022 Blogs, Leeds, Listen, Mental Health Awareness, Something Alternative

My name is Daniel Milligan, I’m 32 and I live in Leeds UK.

A bit about myself my mental health issues became noticeable when I was 10 years old. I was diagnosed with anxiety to begin with and I was diagnosed with learning disabilities as well.

Most if my life, I was at schools for children with disabilities – it was ok, but it had its challenges. As I got older, I started to feel more nervous about myself: the way I look, my size, being bullied and other stuff.

My depression didn’t kick in till I was 18 years old and I’ve been suffering with it ever since. I always knew I was different from everyone else and that’s what turned me to metal music.

I started a metal/rock band over four years ago and sadly it ended after a four year run. Being in a band helped me realise my anger and everything I had bottled up. Now, I don’t have that release anymore and I feel like I’ve lost my only escape route.

So, my advice to anyone who suffers with any mental health issues and you like music – write your thoughts down on paper and turn them into a song, or turn it into a poem cause it’s good to have that release otherwise you just feel lost so don’t ever think you’re on your own because you are not.

Thanks for listening.


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